Posted by: highmountainmuse | December 30, 2008

Hello from the High Mountains!

Welcome to our new web log, High Mountain Musing, which we hope will be an opportunity to share skills and stories from our life in the high Mountains.  We call this High Mountain, Back Country Living. It is not just “surviving”… this is living the good life!


This will be a place for our family to share with you high mountain living skills and stories.  Through accounts of our daily life, our out of the ordinary adventures, and our big projects (we always have projects!), we hope to show you that living far off the beaten path need not be impossible or intimidating – we try to make it simple, comfortable, and more often than not, fun.


We operate a guest ranch and outfitting business here in the summer; and a very remote, snowed in world in the winter.  We live well, uncomplicated, and love and respect the mountains around us. There is no one right way to live up here, but we’d like to share with you how we do things, even the mistakes we make (plenty of them), to hopefully inspire and/or encourage you to live your dream, where ever it may be.  We live quite simply, and although you can choose to move to the mountains with the big house, the big lights, and the big wallet, that’s not our way.  We’d rather keep things small and do it ourselves. It’s not always easy or trouble-free, but a challenge is a necessary thing, and it reminds us why we so love to live here. 


In being the voice of my family, I truly look forward to the opportunity to share the knowledge others have been so generous in sharing with us, to hopefully to help some of you folks learn and try some of these things yourselves (and learn from our mistakes what NOT to try).  At best, I hope to inspire you, or at the very least, to have you enjoy reading and dreaming.  I imagine this sounds corny, but my way of at least trying to making this world a better place is to start with just myself and the way I live.  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other folks who feel similar.  So, I’m looking forward to sharing our life with a new community.


I hope you’ll enjoy this web log.  Everyone of us has a very special life.  Part of what makes mine special is sharing it with my “boyz”  (husband and son) in a truly remarkable location; our quest for a simple, peaceful and fun life; and our love and respect for this magnificent mountain. Anyone can live like this, but it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, we are all different.  May we enjoy our differences!









  1. What a wonderful introduction to your new blog! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. I am ready to hear the story of your life journey. Have you always lived in the high mountains or did you make a choice to move there?

    Please join me at my blog


  3. I’m pretty honored you’d like to hear, Brenda. It’s a strange story, probably, but long. I promise to share some day if you don’t think it is too boring. But no, I most definately did not always live here, and yes, this has been a choice. That’s why I am so grateful for all my wonderful mentors and teachers. I think it is more rewarding to those of us who did not have this growing up and made choices and worked hard to make it happen. That isn’t fair, is it. I bet it is equally rewarding to the person who has always had this, and just knows and feels enough to appreciate it, too.

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