Posted by: highmountainmuse | January 6, 2009

Simple beauty

Very quiet.  Very simple.  These little miracles all around us. 

If we still our minds, quiet our bodies, silent our worries for just a little while.

If we look.

If we listen.

There is so much beauty all around us.


sugar frost decorating the branches of a frozen willow on the northern slope of the river

sugar frost decorating the branches of a frozen willow on the northern slope of the river


Perhaps it’s easier here in the mountains.  Beauty and grace are never too far.

And yet, would you believe one of the most beautiful photographs I have seen was a picture a guest shared with us that he took from an airplane flying low over San Francisco in the evening.  The sky was red from the setting sun, the buildings golden from the sunset, the millions of lights already lit and twinkling…  How could you not see the beauty?  How could you not be amazed by this sight?


We forget to look, forget to open our eyes, forget to see.  But it’s there.  In all it’s splendor, every day, every place.  We just need to slow down a moment to see it.  It is so very simple.





  1. I think you were reading my mind today. I was out walking Cody and found myself hurrying through to get finished with my “chore.” Then I thought of you and how you always look for the beauty in everything. So I started looking up into the tall oak trees in my neighborhood and listening to the birds and watching the blue sky and began to appreciate the beauty in it all and reminded myself of what a blessing it was to be walking in the middle of the day.

  2. Do you rememer my story about that city photo? I must have been thinking of you too!

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