Posted by: highmountainmuse | January 10, 2009

Above the Divide, a poem

I’m not sure if anyone reads poetry anymore, except for our family (and a few dear friends who also write poetry).  I hope so.  For us, reading – be it poetry, short stories, each others writings, even Shakespeare – is our regular evening entertainment.  We three gather on the sofa in front of the fire, and enjoy reading, or listening…   For those who still enjoy poetry, and reading in general, I’d like to share a poem from time to time, in hopes that you might read together aloud.  I’ll start with the following poem I wrote a few years ago.  Just like sharing recipes, I hope you enjoy these words.



Above The Divide


I can not teach you to see any more than I can teach you to feel

For up here the two are intertwined


I can not hear you call out

For up here your voice will be lost in the wind


I can not show you the way

For up here there are no roads to follow


I can not shelter you from the glare of the sun

For up here there are not trees to hide behind

Like a truth that can not be covered

But what do we have to hide?


Up here you are no different than the rocks and the wind

Only with a greater need for importance

But what will you really accomplish?

Will it be so much greater than that of the rock and wind?


What I can do is take you up to where the air is so thin you will have to slow down

Where noise is so rare you will have to stop to listen

And in the still silence, all you will hear is your breath


Where your body will shiver and force you to shake

As the cold harsh wind tears at your skin

And the intensity of the sun blinds you and burns

And the fear of loneliness becomes as close and powerful as the sky that wraps around you

And then you will break down and cry

And then you will feel



And when you do

You will finally see what is really inside

Like looking into a mirror for the first time

And there you will see not yourself

But the woods, the mountains, the dirt beneath the snow

Me.  With open arms.


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