Posted by: highmountainmuse | January 19, 2009

In black and white

I was just doing the dishes, in my cozy cabin, with warm water running from the tap, a view of the majestic white peaks in the distance, and closer by, the old mares rolling in the snow, with their colts running around kicking up their heels, just because it feels good.  My biggest stress of the morning was yelling at a coyote to keep away from the chicken coop, which was a waste of time, because there is plenty of room up here – there is no need for the coyotes to come close to our home and they know it.  And all I could think about was how lucky I am to have so much. A rather selfish thought, believe me I know, but it woke me up a little bit.


I know this is completely unrelated to everything I have posted and intend on posting. I don’t even know how to categorize this, but I feel it’s a good idea since much of what I muse on is just thoughts and encouraging others to think.  In due respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, playing it light and chatting about what I baked for company last week was, well, I don’t know, but I know I should have done more for myself, for you, for our country.  So, he’s a quick additional post related to current history, both today and tomorrow. 



When I was little girl growing up back east, I used to pretend I was Muhammad Ali.  I thought he was swell.  I was about the skinniest little thing you ever did see, but I could play tough. At least no body told me otherwise. Go figure.


My best friend in my early years was black.  I was white. (OK, so we still both are.)  My parents somehow protected us from prejudice, for it never crossed my mind that there was a difference in people just because their skin color was different.  The only difference I saw was that my girl friend didn’t know what to do with her hair.  I didn’t care much about hair then, and I still don’t.  She just wore a hat and called it quits.  That seemed to work.


But I imagine she felt what I would never know. 


I was color blind, if you please.  I hope I still am. And I still will never, ever understand our human capacity to sum a person up by a quick glance in terms of black and white, in more ways than one.  I will hold out for believing that as human beings, we are above that.  We can be. We need not judge our neighbors based on race, religion or creed.  Look where such judgments have got us. 


If you say I just look at the world through rose color glasses, well, that’s OK with me. What is wrong with that? Try them on.  It truly is a beautiful world.



  1. what a beautiful way to be Ginny…and to some of us the only way be…ask any Aussie! p.s I love to read and hear the beat of your heart, knowing how much you truly love your horses, all animals! LT xo

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