Posted by: highmountainmuse | January 22, 2009

A simple morning muse

It is quiet and still when I wake.  I feel my way down the stairs, through the cabin to the matches hanging on the wall by the wood cook stove. I know just where they are, and just which side to hold to strike to light the candle.  The moon is not yet up this morning.  It will be just a small sliver coming up over the Mesa to the southeast.  I have been able to use her light in the mornings for the past week to find my way around to do the early morning chores (light the fires, get the coffee on, feed the inside pets, etc.) but she is later and later each day. Tomorrow she will rise right before the sun, just a fingernail curve in the pale lit sky, chasing the stars to the west as the silvery first light spreads across the sky.


I hear the heavy breathing of the old dog, usually the only sound I can discern until the fire begins its crackling. So familiar am I with the modest noises, smells, feels, the number of steps from the kitchen sink to the wood stove.  The light from the stars on the white ground outside is far brighter than the inside of our cabin.  Ah, but we are so much warmer!


I step out onto the deck to let the dog out, the cold air startles me, and glance up at this endless depth of stars.  I do not see but hear the horses, their flat dessert-dish feet crunching on this snow.  A quick rustle of feet tells me the stallion is chasing after one of the mares again. The light rapid pattering tells me the babies are catching up to their mothers.  I don’t need to see it to understand. The heavy, slow rhythmic thump tells me the big old broodmare, slow and burdened with belly weighted with her next foal, is leading the bunch to the hay shed, to await me like clockwork, just after the sky is fully lit.



  1. Why did your beautiful “Morning Muse” ring so true for me when I live in a small apartment in busy downtown Denver? Much of your morning sounds like mine (though I must leash the dog) and the only horses are those pulling carriages on the mall. Thank you for reawakening my gratitude for those simple morning rituals. Your life stories give me more ideas for a simple life.

  2. Guess so many of us are the same, no matter where we live. Just a different view out the window. As there is goodness in every person, so there is in every place. It’s easier for me to see the beauty here and now, where it’s quiet and I have time to look and see and feel. I’m very lucky that way. But it is everywhere. We just need to remember to take the time to look. Within and around. Thank you, your comment reminded me to look within people, too.

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