Posted by: highmountainmuse | February 19, 2009

Alone, a poem by Forrest

along the road home

along the road home


by Forrest Getz


As the growl of the engine dies,

My feet punch thru the crusty snow,

What can I hear now, above my breath,

And the whisperings of the wind,

Pure quiet fills my ears.


There are no heartbeats

Besides my own,

The only movement is the tree tops,

And the swirling snow

Both agitated by the wind.


But in this quiet stirs

A restlessness, a changing of the seasons,

That crusted snow the messenger of spring

And summer, change in all.


Then no longer will this be a place quiet,

Instead energized, and teeming with activity,

But the two extremes balance each other,

Keeping rhythm, keeping life,

Like the sway of a pendulum.



  1. WOW! That is beautiful. I can almost feel being there. It’s really been neat for me to read about how different your lives are there in the white wilderness of those mountains. Our lives never really experience such quietness with the remoteness that you have. We always have the snow plows pushing through and noise seems to be every where. We really look forward to retiring to the quiet mountains of NC someday soon!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. That feeling that you so perfectly described in your poem is what peace feels like to me, all alone out there in the winter with just me to keep me company. I love silence more than anything. Thank you for sharing this. I have to admit i hate it when the ice forms at the top of the snow and every step is a hesitating crunch through….. hard on my knees and achilles. But I do love that feeling that i know spring will be here soon. Not today. 35mph winds, light snow, in the low teens. Massachusetts. where are you?

  3. Thanks for your note, glad you found us. We’re in CO. Don’t feel too bad – it’s eleven below zero this morning, with two feet of snow on the ground. So when we start that punching through as we do in the spring, we have a long ways down!

  4. Does the resevoir freeze all the way across and how deep if it does?

  5. All the way across! I’ve never taken an auger to it, can’t tell you how deep, but the boys race their snowmobiles across it.

  6. Awesome! I’m really enjoying reading this blog and seeing what life is like up there in the winter. We’ll be at Little Squaw on June 7th.

  7. Thanks, Jeb! It should be a beautiful summer (is it ever NOT?) after the good snow we’re having this winter.

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