Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 2, 2009

Cell phone service

The photo sent by the boys on their ride today.

The photo sent by the boys on their ride today.

This is the photo that just came in a text message with a note that says, “We are here, made it to where we’ve never been before, but having fun.”


And I don’t worry.  I can’t worry.  Bob and Forrest are out there today, exploring unchartered territory on snowmobile, having taken the day off from building the foaling shed and school studies respectively.  They are in the best of hands: each others, and the mountains. I trust both. And I know they care for, respect and have a deep understanding of both each other and their mountains as well.


There they are, out there in the far-off moonscape of the San Juan Mountains, miles and miles away from any one, even anyone else’s tracks, riding above tree line with nothing but white and wind blown peaks that look so strange and unfamiliar to me, yet another remarkable back country snowmobile ride of just the two of them, heading straight out from the ranch and riding over these daunting mountains over 25 miles away.


You wouldn’t think they need more added to this adventure, now would you? But there they are, on top of some ridge, and they pull out the cell phone and find they have service! That’s an odd and unexpected thrill for us. Yes, the cell phone worked from one of the mountains they found themselves on. We have no phone service here at our ranch, nothing even close (unless you call where the boys were “texting” me from as close). However we do have satellite internet connection, therefore they were able to “text” me and send this photo to me.  I feel very modern way out here sometimes…


So, for anyone visiting the ranch or this area, we now know the closest cell phone service from our ranch is 25 miles to the northwest. Though I suppose if you head the same amount of miles in the other direction, to the southeast, you might just reach service on the way to Creede.  And I suppose taking the road to Creede might be a little easier than finding your way up the mountain where the boys just found service today. 



  1. How exciting that Bob and Forrest are out there exploring and “living life” as I like to call it. You are blessed, too, in the fact that while they were up there they were thinking about you…you have a picture to prove it!

  2. You know, I didn’t even consider that. I took it for granted, but it was special. Bob just said that is why he brought the phone – in hopes that he’d reach service and could write!

  3. I love not having cell service. Before I came out to Colorado I worked at an ad agency and was glued to my phone. It’s so nice to have a good excuse for not living at everyone’s beck and call. Closest cell service here is about six miles away. Great picture too.

  4. […] we don’t have cell phone service here, so we’re talking a call on the […]

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