Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 3, 2009

Pickled Green Chilies

Many a memorable meals shared in the kitchen of our cabin.

Many a memorable meals shared in the kitchen of our cabin.


Food, or perhaps the meal, for me has grown to be about sharing and caring, nurturing and enjoying time together, time relaxing – so much more than just physical nourishment. In this elevation and with our regular ranch work, we tend to need plenty, yet each meal still is a time to sit down together with each other or our friends and family, and take our time at the kitchen table.


I am starting to think that sharing recipes is an extension of this thoughtfulness. If we can not be there to share what we just made with someone we care about, at least we can share a recipe. And how many times have I picked up a recipe only to recall the special person who shared it with me, or the special time when I tried this dish?


With this recipe, I get to play the middle man, having had the honor to receive it, and now the request to pass it on.  This recipe was given to me from my Mom J, and I in turn am pleased to pass it on to Shelly. Hope many others will try and enjoy as well. 


This recipe is called Pickled Green Chilies, an appetizer/dip that from what I understand, goes way back with Mom J’s family, a familiarly found treat in this family when entertaining or at holidays. It sounds odd, but you, too, may find it addictive.  It also sounds spicy, and can be if you chose to use the hotter peppers, but otherwise it is rather sour and sweet.  It’s great on crackers, or my favorite, with cheese (Mom’s J’s pimento dip, or goat’s cheese) on crackers for a special treat.


Pickled Green Chilies


Combine the following ingredients:

                ½ cup vinegar (I used a mixture of white vinegar and red wine vinegar)

                ½ cup sugar

                1 teaspoon salt

                1 teaspoon dill seed

                ½ teaspoon mustard seed

Bring to a boil, and simmer for 7 minutes.

Pour this mixture over:

3 cups sliced green chilies (about 5-6 small cans)

                1 clove garlic, sliced

You can use canned, mild green chilies; or for the braver soul, go for half green chilies and half jalapenos. (That’s what I did, Shelly.  And I didn’t have the spices in the batch you tried, so I suppose they are “optional”)

Press it down in a quart canning jar so that the chilies are completely covered by the vinegar/sugar mixture.  Let it sit at least over night.

This lasts a long time in the fridge (though chances are it will be consumed pretty quickly). 

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