Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 6, 2009

Returning to the mountain

Peace is not found in the silent or perfect spaces about us.

Peace is something we find within us, even when we find ourselves facing the hard, the challenging, the difficult times.


The quote I found in the city gives me strength and guidance here as well. Yes, even here on this mountain so beautiful and silent and serene. Such a lovely land, how many come here to forget their worries and stress and grief?


Yet I have seen such an ugly face upon this beautiful land. It is not the land that brings us peace, nor problems.  We find it all within us.  As we find the calm and focus to resolve it all inside us too.


We returned to our mountain last night.  We returned to the reality of the circumstances that surround us, the battles of my husband’s family that try to consume us. The mountain crawls with the skeletons left behind from their conflicts and lies, envy and sadness. They clash over a land, I suppose in hopes that the land will save them when they can not find what they seek inside themselves. There is a sad tale of the past that can be dug up in the dirt around us.  Is the land worth destroying your brother and sister for, or turning on your son and daughter for?  I wonder if I will ever understand. Yet it is everywhere, in every city, on every mountain, in every country… And it is overcome everywhere as well. 


In the darkness, I can not see the beauty of the land, but see all too clearly my thoughts.


The sun will rise, I will walk the land, I will remember what is truly important and scale above the hatred and history of others. They are not me, not mine, not even the mountains. Like seasons that blow the leaves from the trees and winds that cover the tracks, the problems of the past will not remain, and we will find the strength within to ascend above the skeletons in the dirt, and climb the magnificent mountains around us.


In that way, I find solace and healing in nature.  And I saw too how this can be found where ever we are, the mountains or the city. Are not the streets and lights and energy and excitement indifferent to the problems of yesterday? And is there not beauty around every corner, and within ever day, no matter where we are, as well?


Wherever we find ourselves, our struggles are the same.  Can we be still inside and find beauty and peace in a land tainted by anger and lies and hatred? Yes, we can. Peace is something we find within us, even when we find ourselves facing the hard, the challenging, the difficult times.


  1. You know, it sounds like God planned that trip to the city just to show you that quote to help you get through the tough times.

    Oh, did you get to see Snowdrop and Squeak I was thinking that’s where you would find beauty in the city…well, of course and seeing your family!

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