Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 9, 2009

Walk when the moon is full

Walking in the magical light of the moon (though here, lit by the blinding flash of the camera)

Walking in the magical light of the moon (though here, lit by the blinding flash of the camera)

We walk when the moon is full.


We started years ago, when Forrest was a little boy of three or four, even earlier I suppose, when I would then tote him along in the back pack and hear his gentle breathing above the silence of the mountain as he took in the sights and sounds and smells of the early night around us.


Every month is different.  Every year is different.  But there is always magic in the air, magic in the night, magic in the light of the moon. 


How easy it is some months to say it is too cold, we are too tired, we have too much to do, and to miss out on the moon.  But when we are out there, no matter what effort and how long it took us to wrap ourselves in all these layers to keep us warm enough… it is worth while.  We are glad to be out there.


Last night, we headed out on our monthly Moon Walk. With temperatures at 5 degrees and dropping, we bundled up, leaving the comforts of our cabin and the flashlights behind, running, breathing, gasping for air in this crispy cold clean chill of moon glow night air, warming up beneath our layers and layers of winter clothes, turning our cheeks to a rosy glow, which of course, no one could see in the pale light of the moon. The storm of the past two nights had cleared, leaving a fresh layer of snow on top of the solid pack below, allowing us to walk where we pleased.  For those who live in deep snow, you know you get used to sticking on the trails and tracks only.  Step off, and you fall in.  But last night, we could run anywhere.  Though I admit, we don’t run very much or very fast at 10,000 feet above sea level and when we are dressed like the Michelin Man. It was a 20 minute mile down to the Little Cabin and back to the warm glow of our cabin, in a path like the coyote, rarely able to keep a straight line for all the subtle distractions that the night presents.


The mountain glowing with the silver light, shadows of the trees, ourselves, playing on the smooth snow, the moon seems brighter in winter. In the luster, the mountains roll off into an uncertain distance, the snow twinkles, the air clears our noses and lungs and we feel very much alive.



  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us. I always love the way your words make me feel like I am actually there walking with you guys. I can imagine Willie would be in absolute heaven on this particular walk with his magnificently warm coat (for those of you who don’t know, Willie is my beloved Newfoundland).

    I also wanted to comment on what you said in the beginning: “How easy it is some months to say it is too cold, we are too tired, we have too much to do”… I can’t tell you how many times I have had those thoughts about things, even walking my dogs or taking time to watch birds or even going to visit friends (because I am such a homebody) and almost always I end up having a great time and usually thinking, “now see what I would have missed.” We humans are too busy for our own good sometimes…or at least we think we are! Speaking of being busy, my sweet and energetic Australian Shepherd, Cody, is now letting me know I have spent enough time on the computer and it is time to GO OUTSIDE and play some frisbee!

  2. The “too —” syndrome, lurking behind every corner, always trying to get me, but I try to keep ahead of it… sometimes.

    And see here, if you had a blog or page with Willie and Cody on it… folks would be able to see them. Yes, Willie would LOVE the snow right now.

  3. Do you ever hear and see wild animals when you are on your moon walk?

  4. Brenda, On all the years of doing this, we’ve never done more than heard coyotes howling in the distance and seen deer, elk and little critters run off. The mountains really are relatively safe.

  5. I was looking at Luna last night and thinking of you guys. I just think of the stars over the ranch and know that you can see that brilliant display
    even when the moon is new.

  6. Your prose put me there…such a feast.

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