Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 25, 2009

The Rivers Calm

The Rivers Calm

By Forrest Getz


The pain of bitter squabbles

Amid the air of arrogance

And selfish acts,

There remains only one thing here

That changes not;

Is free of human inconsistencies

(but emotions we desire from it)


The river is there not to judge, nor scowl upon,

Only to listen and sooth with steady currents,

And with frigid waters,

Wash away the pains that we bear –

The scars unseen.

(or such actions do we give it)


The river is indifferent;

We are the ones who see in it what we desire –

Like a mirror, no two visions alike –

It flows the same,

(It has long before each of us).


Written by Forrest 3/18/09




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