Posted by: highmountainmuse | March 31, 2009

At 2:35 this morning…

Tres gives birth to a beautiful, strong, healthy girl.

Tres gives birth to a beautiful, strong, healthy girl.



  1. Why is it that they are so often in the middle of the night? A visitor asked me over the weekend why we had a cot in the barn…. I did not want to horrify her by telling her that I know people who sleep *in* the stall when a birth is imminent!

    Congrats on a lovely new addition!

  2. Oh….she’s SO beautiful! Congratulations. I know the first couple weeks will be worrisome for you so we’ll keep sending prayers and positive thoughts. Kiss Tres for me.

  3. Thanks so much, Maggie! It’s zero outside as I write… but clear, the sun will warm them soon. I’m warmer out there snuggling with the soft little thing. You’d love this – I had the chance to visit this really fancy Arabian horse ranch in California, the Jack Tone Ranch, and the woman who built her empire there, Marge Tone, had this foaling barn with an apartment type of set up, with doors opening out to the mares’ quarters on one side, and her wonderful stallion on the other. She could sleep there in the middle, warm and comfortable, and just roll over to check on everyone. You can be sure I plan on building something like that some day!

  4. Thanks, Karen! I’m warmed up, heading back out there to pump more hopefully preventative meds into the little girl, will give Tres a kiss for you!

  5. Ah, wonderful new life! Sending you positive thoughts and a hug!


  6. Way to go girls! We will hold you in our hearts until the danger passes.

  7. Yea! Congrats to Tres! Glad she made it safely through the birth and sending you all positive wishes for good health.

  8. Wendy, it would be a nice morning to have you over for a cup of coffee… we’d be sitting here with smiles stuck on our faces and little to say, but all good feelings inside.

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