Posted by: highmountainmuse | April 4, 2009

Tres Leches

An appropriate name for a recipe to share this week!  This was Forrest’s choice for his birthday cake on Wednesday, and my all time favorite cake. It’s pretty simple, uses ingredients I tend to have on hand, but can’t be beat for a smooth, rich, creamy, moist, sweet cake. 


I prepare the cake in the morning, to give it plenty of time to “soak in.”  There is a lot of liquid poured over the top of this cake which seeps in, and that’s what makes it so sweet and creamy.  By the time the cake is cut that evening, all the liquid is absorbed, and the cake is moist and rich.  This is very rich.  I have a sweet tooth, but still find small slices go a long way, so this cake can serve about 15 people or so.  Or more often than not in my case, a smaller group, two or more different days. The cake lasts fine in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap, for a few days. For those who take pleasure in a sweet cake for breakfast, this is one to try.


I hope you enjoy…


Tres Leches


In a large mixing bowl, whip together:

                5 eggs

                ½ cup sugar

Whip this for several minutes until it turns a paler yellow in color, slightly thicker in texture, and doubles in volume.  I use a wire whisk, and work away at this, switching arms as I get tired.  It takes me about five minutes, and my arms get worn out.  With an electric mixer, it would, of course, be faster and easier on your arms.

Then, gently fold in:

                1 teaspoon vanilla

                1 cup flour

                1 teaspoon baking powder

                ¼ teaspoon salt

Pour this batter into a well buttered springform pan.  Place the springform pan on a cookie sheet.  Bake this for about 25 minutes in a preheated, medium/hot oven, about 350 degrees. The top should be puffed, a little cracked, and golden brown.

Remove from oven, leave in pan. 

In a medium sauce pan, combine your three milks:

                1 cup sugar

                1 cup heavy whipping cream

                1 can sweetened condensed milk

                1 can evaporated milk.

Heat this, stirring, until sugar is dissolved and mixture bubbles around the edges.

Using a chopstick or fork, or I prefer a wooden skewer, poke holes all over the top of the cake.  Pour the liquid slowly over the top.  I then use a small spoon to push the liquid back onto the top of the cake, hoping more with get soaked into those holes in the center.  I don’t know if this is necessary – all the liquid will eventually get soaked up into the cake pretty evenly, no matter what you do.

Cover and let the cake spend the day in the fridge absorbing the liquid.  I like to take the cake out an hour before dessert to bring it back to room temperature for serving.  Place the springform pan on a large serving platter, remove the side of the springform, and serve…



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