Posted by: highmountainmuse | April 10, 2009

A brief moment in time

A spring storm passes over the reservoir at sunrise.

A spring storm passes over the reservoir at sunrise.

Last night I sat on the porch of the Little Cabin.

My husband to one side of me

My son on the other

My dog lying close by

In the new darkness of early night

And the crisp cold air of the end of winter

Fresh frosted brown earth exposed to the night air for the first time in so many months

The last reminder of daylight behind us, behind the cabin

Softly fading, easing off into the black sky

The rising moon light ever so gently illuminating

Snow covered peaks of the mountains surrounding us

Sitting silently so close and so far apart

As our thoughts wandered

As we awaited the rising of the moon


A bank of low clouds glowing more vibrant with each blink of the eye

Turning silver gold bright, heralding the coming of the moon

And then the arc of a pure white light clears the mountain

Slowly rising with the silhouette of the giant spruce trees

Trees and moon rising together before us in this silent, subtle display

As if lifted by an almighty source unseen

Growing to unreal proportions

Light behind trees, trees behind light, the shapes become blurred and blended

Then a perfect circle held steady with the shape of the trees now so small and low below

Trees on a ridge we have never quite noticed before


And for a brief moment my world was perfect

Sitting in silence as we stared off into a past and distant world

Floating freely, there but not really there

So calm and soothing in the crisp cold air and silver glow of the moon


And for a brief moment we were free from the troubles of the world within

Financial problems, family conflicts, uncertainty about the future and how we will arrive there and when, the aging dog, the college decisions, and what is this all for?


All this for just a brief moment in time, was left behind


In our own calm hush

Gazing at the past, the future and now

At the black shape of the spruce tree, tall and majestic in the perfect circle of the moon

The white noise steady rush of the recently open and wild river

We are briefly set free

By this silent and simple and cold and vast moon in the big sky before us

Wondering how many have looked up at this same moon

And too forgotten their worries

For just a brief moment in time.



  1. I looked long and longingly on the same moon last night. To see it from your view so enriches and strengthens the soul. Thank you for the wealth you are, the living you unfold. Stay with the moon…stay in that flow. Sometimes I feel the only way to get thru the tougher stuff is to carry such a moment inside, holding the moon and facing the glare of life’s toils.

    Will be gone for a week and missing the music of this blog. Best to you…

  2. Ruth, hope you have a wonderful week. Will look forward to hearing from you when you return. Same moon where ever we are! Don’t forget to look for her.

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