Posted by: highmountainmuse | April 18, 2009

This morning

It was harder to get out of bed this morning. I lied there, silent, pulling the blankets up over the chill of the morning air. The cold would not go away. Remembering all that is missing. Then thinking of all who needed to be cared for, especially my Tres, and so we get on with our day.


The storm cleared sometime in the middle of the night.  It’s now seven degrees out, plenty of snow on the ground. The calendar tells me it is spring.  Yet there is the heavy bitterness of winter.  And there is no spring foal romping out my window.


I thank you all who have written, cared, shared your stories, your understanding. It helps so much, I don’t know why.  I suppose when we lose something, knowing how much we still have is what gets us through.


Last night I wrote about death on the horse blog. (Richard, I borrowed a quote from your comment here yesterday.) I tried to find reason in what is so senseless. I could not.


This morning I have little to say. The chill does not go away so fast.  My little niece just wrote back, heartbroken.  Realizing how wrong this is.  How unfair. I will try to help her through first.  Perhaps in doing so I can find reason.



  1. I got home today and sat to catch up on my reading. Here is your sorrow. I can only add mine and send my support. Such precious life and vitality fleeting and how suddenly Artemis went from vibrant to gone. Where reason fails, heart pulses a rhythm of resilience though logic cannot explain or affirm the slightest efforts we make in love. Though you lost Artemis, you fed the soil of a spiritual landscape made richer by your heart’s fullness in giving, a fullness no death or loss can destroy. But how it hurts in the very mean time. Hugs…R

  2. *big ole internet hugs*

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