Posted by: highmountainmuse | April 24, 2009

The inevitability of change


The inevitability of change

The invariable constant of life


How we hold on to the past

Fear the future

Forget to live for today


Nature will change

The mountain will not be tomorrow what she is today

And will I?

Will you?

Will we together?


As the seasons change

So must I

As the night unfolds into day

We grow, lighten, brighten, bloom


Now caught up in the half light

The silver grey illumination

That is the first calling of the day

Changing with every refocus of my eyes


And the robin begins to sing.



  1. Very poignant. Thank you for sharing!

  2. this has such a great feltness to it…thanks for the enriching flow…

  3. We do forget to live for today..even though we are not promised a tomorrow. Thank you for reminding us to Live Life Today!

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