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Grandma cookies a.k.a. High Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Grandma cookies a.k.a. High mountain chocolate chip cookies

Grandma cookies a.k.a. High mountain chocolate chip cookies

I’ve never been great at following recipes.  More often than not, I use them for inspiration, but not direction. My mom is the opposite.  She’s good at following a recipe.  Uses the right ingredients and correct measurements.  There’s no one right way, both ways work well for each of us.  But herein lies the problem:  sharing recipes.  It’s easy when they come from her to me.  It’s all spelled out on paper, and I’m then free to do with it as I like.  But trying to get what I just cooked on paper for her is often more complicated.  It requires that I measure!  Words and expressions like “some” and “a little” just don’t cut it.  I’m learning…


So, first I want to share a recipe that came from my mom. When Forrest was a wee boy, she used to make them for us, in a jumbo size, wrap them up well, and mail them clear across the country to us in a care package when we lived too far away to visit regularly.  Always a most welcome treat, like a big warm grandmotherly hug. Although she no longer sends them in the mail (we get to see visit my folks more often now as we all live in Colorado), we still make them ourselves quite regularly. And we still call them “Grandma Cookies.”


I think if we had to choose just one cookie that would be the only treat inside the cookie jar, this would be it.  You just don’t tire of “regular” chocolate chip cookies, and these ones are extra special.  I suppose because they are made with love!


And afterwards, I want to share some further details to my basic bread recipe. I suppose I should do that in a separate post.  So… that information to follow! For now…


Grandma Cookies a.k.a. High Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies


In a large bowl, cream together with a big fork or a mixer:

                ½ cup (1 stick) butter, room temp.

                ½ cup shortening (Crisco or similar)

                1 cup brown sugar

                1 cup white sugar

When this is mixed well, light and fluffy, then add:

                2 eggs

                2 tablespoons milk

                2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Mix that together well.  Then add on top, all at once:

                2 cups flour

                1 teaspoon baking powder

                1 teaspoon baking soda

                1 teaspoon salt

Fold in the dry ingredients until everything is well combined. Then stir in:

                2 cups quick-cook oats

Gently fold in.  Then stir in until evenly distributed:

                2 cups chocolate chips

(At this point you can also add a cup of coconut, or toasted coconut like my mom does, and/or a cup of chopped nuts if you have them.  We usually don’t add these things, mostly because we usually don’t have them on hand.)

Cover and chill for at least an hour.  I often make the dough in the evening and leave it in the fridge over night.

When you’re ready to bake, make sure your oven is medium hot (about 350).  Grease your cookie sheet.  Take out the dough and with two teaspoons, form the dough into balls, about 1 ½ inch diameter each. I fit 13 per cookie sheet.  They spread out, so leave room. Bake each batch for about 8-10 minutes.  They might still look soft and pale in the center, but golden on the edges.  Remove and cool on wire rack.  Makes a good size batch, and they freeze well.  Good for care packages, too…


Hope you enjoy!



  1. sounds delicious .. and who wouldnt love a warm cookie with a cup of milk .. Laila ..

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