Posted by: highmountainmuse | May 8, 2009

Reflecting on the moon

Last night, we looked out upon the same moon, you and I. That always amazes me, to know that no matter how distant our family and friends may be, we can glance up and see the same thing at the same time.  It is so different than the sun, that intimacy we have with the moon. Why is that? I suppose because we can’t stare at the sun, and somehow, something affects us in gazing at the moon for as long as we tend to do. We lose ourselves in time and space and thought. We become mesmerized, entranced, enthralled. The moon seems at times so near, so personal. Alone in the vast darkness of the sky, she seems somehow within our reach, in a way, yet still shrouded in mystery and an impervious beauty.


This morning I watched her set, a long and languid process, as she inched her way half hidden along the mountain to the southwest, falling along with the line of the mountain ridge, until she reached the base and was consumed into the horizon.  At the same time, the glow from the moon was replaced by the subtle light emerging from the east in the promise of the sun to follow.



  1. I sat here thinking “I have time to read one thing…” and I couldn’t stop with one. From Forrest’s beautiful poem to your own amazing reminders of the deeper stuff of living, I’m bowled over yet again. So glad you’re here Gin.

  2. Hi Ginnie, have been writing you emails but haven’t got any response recently. Hope all is okay, which I guess it is as I just read your most recent post. Funny, Tomek and I were just talking about the nearly full moon we were staring at last night from our sitting room window, here in Gdansk, Poland. So yes, it is amazing that we can all admire the same thing at (well,not exactly) the same time. Lots of love Pia

  3. Pia,
    I’m sorry – I haven’t received your e-mails since… you shared the link for your 50th Birthday Bash! Try this other address:

    My brother and his family finally visited last month, it was so nice to get to spend some time with him & them. I barely know them, and they are wonderful. My parents come today for their annual “spring work weekend.” I’m good at finding projects for them.

    So glad to be keeping in touch with you, my friend.

  4. It was a beautiful moon last night indeed! It’s not such a large world after all I guess! Nice to think friends all around were enjoying it.

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