Posted by: highmountainmuse | May 9, 2009

River bank

The Rio Grande on an early May evening

The Rio Grande on an early May evening

You run freely now

And I try to remain indifferent

Containing your waters within my shores

Providing direction as the courses grow with strength

With each day of the melting of the snow


At times your currents have been soft

I have cradled your motions

And soothed you with gentle mothers arms

Rocking you softly on your path to the sea

Showing you where how when to flow


Other times you have challenged

Spilling over and tearing into the banks

As you surge wild and stormy

Gushing with growing force and independence

Testing the strength of my earthen limits


There are limits

There are meant to be

My containment only lasts so long

As you break free at the delta

No longer contained now in the freedom of the open course


I have been created by your flow

Etched and dug and ripped open

Like proud scars each with a story to tell

Were it not for your waters

I would not be who I am


Some say it is a service

I say it is a promise

A purpose

Without which

I would not be


And because of which

I have learned to be strong and firm

To contain you as I have

And then to let go

To allow you to follow where ever you choose to flow

Far beyond these banks from where you once began


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