Posted by: highmountainmuse | May 13, 2009

Family bragging

I have to start today with a little family bragging. I hope you don’t mind too much… I can’t help but be the proud mama and daughter at times.


First, the June issue of Western Horseman magazine just came in the mail yesterday.  There is a wonderful interview with my favorite 16 year old wrangler.  You got it: Forrest! 


Even if you’re not a horse person, it’s a neat interview, and an interesting article about one special kid raised pretty far “out there”.  Sure, I am biased, but I’m thinking it makes for good reading. I hope you’ll have a chance to read and enjoy it.  For those that don’t live in the West where this magazine can be found, I think you can order it on line at the Western Horseman magazine web site.


And it’s complete with awesome photos from our friend and guest and very talented photographer, Patrick.


Next, I finally got the chance to sit down with my dad-in-law, Floyd, and we’re starting to put together a series of stories based on his growing up on the family ranch.  We just started yesterday, and we’ll be posting a new story every week on the High Mountain Horse Blog.  I hope you’ll enjoy his stories as much as I do.


Now, back to work…


  1. How exciting and fun! I’ll have to go to the bookstore and get the magazine! Congratulations Forrest!

  2. Loved the first story in the Floyd Series on your High Mountain Horse Blog. Tried to post a comment on there but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  3. Hi Karen, it’s a lot more complicated on the Google Blog site. I’m sorry, I really don’t know why. Floyd has been trying for weeks to no avail. I just tried it with Forrest. He was able to do it with his Google e-mail address under “google account.” But first, it still did say, “can not process request, please try again.” He clicked “publish” again and it worked the second time. I don’t know if it’s all the Google Blog sites, or just mine that has complications. Sorry about that… I know Floyd would enjoy reading comments too.

    Glad Ron is starting to feel better… though sorry to hear about Don & Karin too! Small price to pay for enjoying good company. Though selfishly, I’m bummed we can’t have you guys here!

  4. Wow! I am excited to see it! How did it come about, Gin? That young man is something else!

  5. Nice to “see” you there, finally, Karin! Forrest still has those shoes you and Don got, the “water shoes”, btw. He’s edging 6 feet, and still got a ways to go, but hasn’t had a big growth spurt yet this year, so still holding onto to last years shoes. OK with me!

  6. It only took me this long to figure out how not to look like a quilt patch anymore!!! I am so thrilled that Forrest still has those shoes! We went down to the Guadalupe River last weekend and forgot our water shoes so we slipped around like fools in our flip flops, so the rocks wouldn’t kill our tender feet. Check out my blog, btw – I put new pics up.

  7. Gin! I just now saw this…such wonderful news. You should brag! I’ve glanced at your son’s blog and been blown away by his poetry. His parents are beautifully facilitating a rare soul…

  8. I forgot to mention that over the weekend we went to Barnes and Noble but they still have the May issue on the shelves. We’ll check back again soon!

  9. Karen, if you can’t find it, please let me know I can send you a scanned copy. It’s really neat!

  10. Thanks, Ruth!!! (and thanks for letting me brag…)

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