Posted by: highmountainmuse | May 28, 2009

Dropping In, a poem by Forrest

Today, I’d like to share another poem by Forrest.  As he has already posted it on his blog, I suppose it would be best to just share the link to it here.  To read this poem, please follow this link:

Dropping In by Forrest Getz

No surprise, it is centered on his riding.  But look inside the words, the meaning, and yourself, and you’ll see it’s about a lot more.



  1. Definitely a whole lot more than just about the ride. Forrest definitely got your gift of writing, too. I’m glad he published it on his blog, maybe he’ll make some of his riding fans poetry fans, too!

    How are Twinkle Toes and Canella doing?

  2. Glad you shared it…beautiful expression!

  3. Just put up another Floyd Story on the horse blog , and I got some great photos of Canella’s baby I’ll share tomorrow. Mama and baby are doing well…

  4. Just got a new “Floyd Story” up on the Horse Blog, and mama and baby are both doing well. Will share some sweet new photos tomorrow!

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