Posted by: highmountainmuse | June 1, 2009

Bringing up baby

Cricket meets his new family.

Cricket meets his new family.

It’s hard, as parents, to let go at times. No, I’m not talking about Forrest.  Sorry, no, I’m definitely not ready to go there. I’m referring to the foal. Wait, I’m getting beyond myself and probably getting you confused.  Let me explain.

Let’s start by announcing that “baby” finally has a real name.  Fadjurz Ascension.  Nicknamed Cricket.  And Cricket now officially belongs to his proud new parents, Patti & Creed de Avanzar of de Avanzar Arabians.  Of course he won’t go to his new home until weaning, after the end of summer. But there you have it: this little mountain pony has a future as show horse. We smile to think of this little fellow, now all covered with mud and running free in rocks and rain out there, may one day be clean, really clean, and have a fancy, long mane and tail.  But most important, of course, we are pleased to know, to truly believe, Cricket will be loved and cared for and really in the best of hands.  That is asking a lot. 

Cricket gets to know Patti

Cricket gets to know Patti

It is exciting on one hand, in this case more so than many, because we have such confidence this will be a wonderful home and life for Cricket. Patti & Creed care so much and so well for their horses. What more could I ask for? But isn’t it funny how the mother (or father) in us can flare up and tighten our throat and twist our stomach when we face the fact that, yes indeed, baby will one day grow up and leave home?

How quickly they grow… And so in the meanwhile, I look out my back door and with the first light, Cricket and Canella will be out there looking in, waiting for me, I believe as happy to see me as I always am to see them.

Cricket poses with his new family.
Cricket poses with his new family.

Photos by Forrest



  1. Awww…how sweet and sad. You are so brave to raise these little ones and then let them go. I know good puppy breeders are the same way. They get so attached and then have to put their babies in the trust of someone else. But you know you found a good home and that’s what matters in the end.

  2. I know how you feel about looking at Cricket covered in mud and then visualizing what he will be someday.

    Sometimes I watch Willie running around getting all dirty and drooly in the backyard and say, “look at my therapy dog!” knowing that if anyone saw him that precise moment, they would never believe he is a therapy dog!

  3. Soooooo cute! I love the little babies…

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