Posted by: highmountainmuse | June 22, 2009

Heading up high

On the Divide where the frogs still sing...

On the Divide where the frogs still sing...

Today we return to the high country. Back to Ditch Camp, the three of us, Alan the shepherd, and several of our horses…

We’ll return to the Ranch on Thursday evening. I’ll look forward to sharing news from the high country with you on Friday.  News?  Perhaps not the right word. The view?  Yes, the view.  I look forward to sharing the view with you upon our return.

In the meanwhile, I share this scene with you.  Up there it is colder, the summer arrives later. Despite numbers on the calendar, we question its arrival even “down” here yet this year. 

Everything happens up there just a little later, and little faster… more intense… concentrated.  I suppose it is survival… the season is short, time is precious.  Winter is long. Life has to bloom, prosper, reproduce and fade so much more quickly there.  Snow banks still remain behind our camp (great for keeping groceries cool!) and the grass is just coming on.  Wildflowers we saw here weeks ago at our Ranch just below 10,000 feet are just now opening their sleepy faces to the warmth of the sun.  The frogs here have ceased there simple song, but up there, up on the low pass of the Continental Divide at an elevation of about 10,500 feet where we work, they are singing strong!  And the birds bless us with their morning song.



  1. bon voyage.
    looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return.

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