Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 3, 2009

Evening song and dance

Watching the horses graze on the high mountain pasture through beetle kill trees at sundown

Watching the horses graze on the high mountain pasture through beetle kill trees at sundown

We sit on our silence

As the snap of the fire

And bubbling of dinner in the pot

Become our focus

Taking us away in thought

With tired bodies

Backs arms hands sore

Resting reprise restoring

Content to do little but sit and listen

With the song of the birds and roar of the creek

Seeming farther still in the distance


Late afternoon sunlight dances behind

The tall timber

Much of which is lacy and stark without needles

Dripping with delicate pale moss

Still standing and shading and muting the hillside before us

Light playing its way through the fragile branches

And still majestic weighty solid trunks


The sun now but a few inches above the mountain peak

That will soon envelope the warmth

Comfortably drying our jeans and jackets and selves

Laid out as if at alter

After the hail and heavy rains that drove us away from our work

And into the shelter of the tent

Out of the wet clothing

Soaking us unprepared



Gentle and flowing is the light now

Defused by smoke from the fire

Shadows so long

Through still branches and tall grass

But a light rustling of the delicate hanging moss


The hillside across the valley is already dark

A silhouette before us of pillars of trees

And open runs snaking down the hill where avalanches run

Silver puddles out in the open meadow

Sun light on the ponds

Dancing in our eyes

Twinkling as bright stars in the subtle light of the meadow


The final flight of the red tail hawk

Circling above spiraling in the center

Of the vast open meadow

Of the divide

Of the spine of our world


The dance of the light

The song in the smooth evening air

The rhythm of the land.



  1. Welcome back .I have missed all of you .Its like having family gone . Get some rest .I know you need it . Am looking forward to ypur writings

  2. Thank you, Don. Although I love it up there, it is good to be back, and always good to be back in touch with you…

  3. Oh, Thank you . . . made me fill so content, like I was right there . . . just beautiful . . . :o)

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