Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 7, 2009

A room with a view

raindrops on an evergreen

raindrops on an evergreen

A light frost has spread across the porch, the steps, the yard, and out onto the pasture.  Summer is late to arrive.  Warmth has been a flighty and cherished feeling. A vague expression that comes and goes so quickly, tempting and taunting, but never remaining long enough for us to grasp and hold onto. Rain has been bountiful. Hail storms plentiful. The land smiles languidly with lush green hues and lazy rolling clouds.  The lettuce in the garden grows thick as unwanted weeds in a fallow field. Though tomatoes and peppers and squash, oh, these are but things we see pictures of in seed catalogues up here.

I could not have chosen a better year to begin planting trees around the Little Cabin.  They sky has blessed them regularly.  Although we hope to plant every year, I do not know of a better time to have started. Now. I suppose that is usually the best time to begin, isn’t it?

We are home for the week, busy and catching up on work on the ranch, with our guests, with our horses.  At times, I wonder if it may not be easier at the ditch… it makes you wonder.  It is summer.  If we were not busy, we’d be doing something wrong.  That’s survival up here.  When it rains, it pours, like the seasons… we learn to flow.

Watching the ranch take shape with our regular projects is like watching the garden grow.  Suddenly, there is a blossom in that garden, where just a bud promised yesterday.

Down by the Little Cabin, which often seems so far away this time of year, but a haven for us, for our guests who wander down there and become soaked by another surprise downpour… projects continue, slowly but surely, one grain of sand at a time.

Alas, this one, though not fancy, was essential.  Can you imagine a better room with a view?

a room with a view

a room with a view



  1. Your view is more than i can discride .Words sre not enough . You work hard but at night i would say you sleep the sleep of peace with yourself and the world .I would give everything if my wife and i could have spent one night in the little cabin . she would have loved it . Now all i can do is dream of how it would have been .Keep up the good fight its worth life its self . keep your writings up .you should write a book about your life .The good and hard times .I would be first in line to buy one

  2. Great picture from a very “necessary” room. I really enjoy your stories and pictures. Keep them coming.

  3. Gin, you have an award waiting on my blog, come pick it up!

  4. Well, Sandy, I was wondering if anyone would notice what kind of “room” had that view…

  5. Don, I read your comment right before heading out for “work” (can I call it that?) here, and it made my day. Thank you very much, once again, for saying just the right thing!

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