Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 8, 2009

A drop of water

Forrest took these photos of our Colorado Columbine while riding down the trail from Ditch Camp at my request, especially for Al.

Forrest took these photos of our Colorado Columbine while riding down the trail from Ditch Camp at my request, especially for Al.

I once was told we are only as indispensible as a drop of water in pail.  However long the ripples last is how long our impression remains.  We are all easily replaced.

Hmmm… I did not agree.  Instead, I chose from this to value life, and the people in my life, even more. And to avoid those for whom others are considered so bland, washed out, easily replaced…

I am but learning to respect each person I am fortunate enough to meet, believing that from each one, there is the potential of a lasting impression, a lesson learned, a life enhanced.  The ripples may not last long, but the drop of water remains indefinately.

People do make an impression on me, no less so than the mountains that surround me, or the rivers that I have been blessed to live beside. Each guest or neighbor I am able to take time to visit with, or stranger I meet in passing on the trail, another drop of water, another lasting impression.

And if we are all but a drop of water, I suppose it is each drop for me which makes up the fullness, the richness of that bucket. Without each drop, without each person who has dropped into my life and influenced me in some way, that bucket would be incomplete.

Perhaps we all may be but a drop of water.  But you fill my bucket, you enrich my life, you make me who and what and why I am.

Colorful Colorado, photo by Forrest

Colorful Colorado, photo by Forrest



  1. Nice pics of Colorado

  2. Gin,

    Wow, what a present this morning! Such beauty in so small a plant. The beautiful blooms of white, blue and yellow centers are just awesome. Forrest did a great job on the pictures. Thank you thinking of all of us here on the web, with treats like this. Colorado Columbine – surly there must be a poem or paragraph about its beauty?

    You have added a Ginormic (sp?) drop of water into my life.


  3. It’s amazing how one view can dispose of preciousness, of unique one-of-a-kindness and put us all in a bland brew of inevitable “unity” divisive, isn’t it? And then there’s the only view worth knowing: this one you share of our needful uniquness and vital connectedness. You so inspire me. I can’t tell you what a gift it is just to know Gin IS. Gin IS out there. Gin IS digging, IS birthing, IS smiling, IS loving, living. There is only one of each one of us. And I’m so happy to know the wealth of this glimpse of you, of your world. Hugs…

  4. What a beautiful analogy… isn’t it amazing that 1000 drops make a seamless, whole bucket. Just think – 100,000,000 drops make up the fantastic power of a roaring river, flowing as one!

    And the original quote is true – we are all as indispensable as a drop in a pail. The difference is I belive that each drop truly *is* indispensable to the whole!

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