Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 10, 2009

‘Til the cows come home

The cows back home, settling right in after returning to their summer pasture.

The cows back home, settling right in after returning to their summer pasture.

They came home.  All three of them, and a little bull calf named Shaggy.  These are our Highland Cattle, the simple beginnings of our little herd, our fold.  A humble start.  But enough for now. 

These are nice cows.  They come to their name or the shake of a bucket.  They eat out of my hand, slobbering all over with the fat rough tongue.  And their sweet furry faces…

Just home from their past couple months hanging out with the “real” cows, and their big bad bull, so that next year we’ll have a couple calves of the Highland/Charolais cross.  Fuzzy white calves, perchance?

Our furry Zen Masters.  They are content, clear, trouble free, wanting for nothing.  Wouldn’t you be too in that field of green?

Of course, I just get to watch and enjoy them on pasture.  The boys and our friends who had been pasturing them in the valley are the ones who had to separate them from the bull and other cows and calves, and load them in the trailer to bring them back home… Perhaps not as idyllic as this scene before me now.

Ah, but they do come home.  Alas, just wait, and it all turns out alright, doesn’t it? And in the meanwhile, we can run around and fret and fight, as I know I do at times. Or lay back in the tall grass, enjoy the summer breeze, chew the cud, and think about little more than beautiful world around you.



  1. If only we could be so content with life .Just lay under a tree and watch the world go by .Well now in a while you will have two more babys to worry about along with your baby horses . If only that was me . Your photos are as comforting as i have ever seen .Re membering a place in the past very much like yours . i look forward to your muse everyday . such a good way to start a day

  2. Don always takes the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

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