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Honest Scrap Awards



With sincere gratitude to Jane from The Literary Horse and Wendy from Wendy’s Horse Adventures, today I’m playing along with a bloggers community award, the Honest Scrap, that I was most honored to receive, and yet more important, so pleased to be a part of this growing on-line community.  First, thank you both Jane and Wendy for considering my blogs and putting up with me through my ups and downs on the mountain and with my horses. (we won’t mention my moods)

The Honest Scrap award comes with a few fun rules that recipients are asked to follow:

  1. Recognize your award presenter and link back to their blog in your post.
  2. List 10 honest things about yourself.
  3. Present this award to 10 admirable bloggers who have moved you, and link to their blogs.
  4. Notify recipients they have been awarded, so they can retrieve it.

May take me a while to get this all done.  Like most all of you right now, my cup is more than half full.  Right now it runneth over.  Good place to be; bad time to find time for everything we wish we could do.  Especially reading and keeping up with all the really super blogs out there.  And there are so many… good blogs, and great people.

And so, with prioritizing always in mind right now, I’ll start with the most important – passing on this goodness by present this award to “10 admirable bloggers who have moved” me.  This is also an opportunity for me to pass on to you, my readers, the links of many special blogs and people.  I hope you can find a moment to stop in and take a look or visit with each of these very special people and sites. Consider this an introduction and invitation to a very special community.

And so, without further adieu, I present to you my listing for the Honest Scrap Awards:

My new found sister, J. Ruth Kelly’s Blog, Weaving Worlds of Words Awakening . . .   Thoughtful, wonderful writing, her words and honest insight to her life, her children, her challenges, say more than my introduction can.

Diane’s Peaceful Acres, One woman touching the earth and touching lives.  An inspiration to us who love family and life.  And cows…

My friend Maggie, who’s parallel of lifestyle (and weather) comforts me. Maggie Mae Farm, Sustainable, Eco Friendly Farming.  Feeling the land, for the land.

Another NorEasterner (is that how you spell that?) homesteading neighbor and friend inspiring me for the simple life (so they say, but sure a lot of hard work) Sandy’s American Way Farm. Living the good life on the land in New Hampshire.

A young gal wasting no time to enjoy the life she was not lucky enough to be born into, but making it all work out, with great humor and energy. Girl on a Mountain with a Chicken.  One very brave chick with a chicken.

Karin first started a new site for women who can really make a change (with a hammer):  Do It Yourselfher, but then, even more special and powerful, opened up in a really wonderful way in sharing with us her new blog, about battling depression through her adventures of running with her dog, Coco.

Consider the horse and the human, blossoming together:  Enlightened Horsemanship through Touch, Kim focusses on horsemanship and has opened up the horse community and many equine ideas to me and to so many others through her thoughtful insight.

Our wonderful and special friend and helper, Beka’s site, which may also be of special interest now since she’s spending the summer up here with us. It is Imperfectly Living a Perfect Life .and I’m pretty sure well worth following  her journey, not just here but throughout her thoughtful life.

Mentioned above, my dear Wendy of Wendy’s Horse Adventures.  All the way in Vermont, but feels as close as my kitchen table.  Sharing many of cup of coffee and discussions on horses and husbands, and finding wisdom and peace thanks to both.

And last, but certainly not least, Jane’s The Literary Horse.  Horse humor, with a deep and thoughtful side.   A place and person I turn to when I need a little dose of humor, and reality, and a reminder that the two are really not that far apart.


I’d also like to add two honorary awards.  Neither of which has a link to a site… yet.

First, to Karen Bailey, who I wish would start a blog about her life and journey with her two wonderful boys (both furry and four legged), Willie and Cody (and yes, a very wonderful two legged boy as well, Ron!)

Second, to Don Bentley, who I have so grown to know and love because of my blog, which I am grateful has introduced me to such wonderful folks like Don.  Not only has he taught me the importance of the community involvement here in the big wide world of Blogging, but he’s been generous to share his comments, his life, and his stories – each one I so enjoy and look forward to reading.  Thank you, Don.



  1. I dont know what to say .Your blog has and is helping me through the hardest time of life .Your blog and its readers have become a part of my life a good part .I have not read any other but will start with your list .Im glad you injoy some of my little storys of my life .There is a whole world of good people out there .You just have to look .

  2. Gin,

    Congratulations on your award! Well deserved, in my opinion. And thanks for the extra information you provided. Very interesting for a rainy day (sorry, that’s in the mountains of Colorado). Here it would be for a HOT day (103 today). Many of the water hog plants are drying up, and the native or adapted plants are just enjoying it. I am sure there is a point in that, but not sure how to express it.

    Tell Don, that I sure hope he continues to let us know about the experiences of his life. I think we all grow that way.

    Can’t wait to cross the Colorado state line in less than two months now. Hope it will be a good mushroom season this fall. I love the golden ones.


  3. Awww, Gin, thank you for mentioning me and my boys! I do think about starting a blog from time to time but I’m kind of like you were at first, where in the world to start. Not to mention the fact that my writing skills pale in comparison to yours…it seems like the words just come to you so easily. For me it takes hours and hours to form my words on paper. I guess that’s probably why I’m not such a great conversationalist, I have to process things too long before coming up with the right words.

  4. Hi Gin,

    Thank you for including me on your list, and for all of the kind words. I tried to respond to this last night and the power went out right in the middle of it! It never goes out when it ought to – lightening, wind etc…just randomly for no apparent reason. 🙂

    I’m so glad to be part of a horse oriented community, and the awarding process has been interesting.

    Wanted to let you know that I picketed Buddy out the other day in between lessons, and he LOVED it and did really well. He got a little confused when the rope went around his back leg a little off the ground, whirled around and ended up with his front leg up in the air over the taught rope, but he ‘whoad’ on command (with his front leg off the ground!) until I helped him. He had no further trouble.

    Enjoying reading about lovely Colorado with my coffee, or just before going to sleep some days.

  5. Gin!
    I am so honored to be in your list and more importantly here with you and your family! You have insipired me both in your blog and here on your ranch as well! I still have so much to learn, but feel I am learning from the best! Thanks for everything!

  6. Gin – congrats on your award and I’m honored to be on your list! We’ve finally got some dry, sunny weather here, and have been taking advantage of it! As soon as the clouds roll in (or I poop myself out) maybe I’ll even have a chance to get some posting done myself! 🙂

  7. Just haunted your site for the first time in days…Wonderful news here Gin! Not at all surprised. You’re such a feast.

    It’s a privilege to be able to read your world and know you, to call you friend and yes, sister. Thank you for the mention and the kind words. Mostly, thanks for putting your heart and mind out here for us to enjoy. Big hugs…

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