Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 20, 2009

A short season

Looking down upon the Weminuche Pass

Looking down upon the Weminuche Pass

A day in the life

A moment in time

Fleeting as a running deer

For a few days only we feel the heat

Exposed white legs reluctantly slipping into shorts

Seeking shade and breeze and brightening up at the offer of lemonade


How quickly these few weeks of summer last

Like the roll of a wave in the sand it comes and goes

The rush of wildflowers burst into bloom in the high country

Washing the hillsides with gushes of bright blossoms

Color awash in the branches as the birds too make the most of the short-lived season

All at once in the lush summer leaves the blue birds, robins, grey jays, chickadees, ravens and brilliant yellow and orange of the Western Tanager.


How quickly the cycle of life is played out

With leaves on the trees having filled out but weeks ago

The grass grows tall

Seed heads emerge

Swaying softly in rhythmic swells as a hot afternoon wind passes across the hillside


We look for the change of the light

The lowering the softening the crispness in the air

Inevitable we know this change will come

And enduring the heat so brief

To which we are unaccustomed and uncomfortable

Trying to savor every precious bead of sweat as we sit in the heat of the sun on the deck for a break and rest in what feels like stifling heat


So precious

So fleeting

Rare like a pearl found diving in the sea

We hold it before us in wonder

Amazed by the precious beauty

Before we drop it

Lost in the shifting sands


Knowing it will not last

The short season passes quickly

Life dies across the mountain

Migrating hibernating wilting freezing

As the cold and white and still and silence

That is winter

That is so long in our year

That seems to last forever at times

Spreads across the land


And stays

Remains with us for months

Chilling away the noise and stress and time and remembrance of this heat and life

Progress and passage

Leaving us with nothing


But the cold still silent mountain

And the heavy blanket of white


And in this heat

This beautiful short and sweet and lively season

Would you believe

There is a secret longing

Deep inside


For the return of winter?

Noticing the smallest changes; a miniscule snail on a rock in the sun.

Noticing the smallest changes; a miniscule snail on a rock in the sun.

Heading back to Ditch Camp… back Thursday night… have a good week…



  1. The slightest cooling breeze graced us yesterday. I found myself excited at the thought of sweaters and fires warming against the cold. It’s all so precious…

  2. Life is short like that – compared with eternity. That’s why it’s so precious. Nice post, thanks.

  3. Thank you for another beautiful post.

    There is an award for you at my blog, do come over and collect it.

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