Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 24, 2009

Filled with gratitude

At Ditch Camp, horses grazing before the Rio Grande Pyramid

At Ditch Camp, horses grazing before the Rio Grande Pyramid

I fell asleep last night filled with gratitude. 

Suddenly I was overwhelmed and enwrapped with gratitude. I was flooded with the thoughts of how much I had to be thankful for, starting with returning home after a hard and successful work week at Ditch Camp, finding home and horses and guests and business well and in good hands thanks to an angel called Beka. Safe and warm and comfortable in my bed after a decent meal and a hot bath, I consider how much I have to be grateful for, starting of course with the dearest of all to me, my son and husband; then my health, horses, work, and home; stamina which allows us to work as hard as we do, and love and patience which are underlying most everything we do, the path that drives us, why it all works.

Some days I don’t see it all; I take it for granted.  My bones will survive another crush from the horses foot, our guests will be happy to be here, and the mountain will be as spectacular today as it was yesterday.  I count on these things to be there, as sure as the sun will rise in the morning and set at the end of the day. 

What is the difference? What makes us suddenly stop and see and remember how much we really do have, how much we have to be thankful for? Exhaustion?  I suppose that was the case last night…

Oh, it was a good week.  Take a look at this: 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  One beautiful ditch!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? One beautiful ditch!

We’re finally complete with the section of ditch bank we’ve been working so hard to fix. Not sure if you recall how this section of ditch looked a few weeks ago, blown out and washed down by the force of water from the flow blocked by fallen dead trees along the bank. With hands and horse, we moved about 30 tons of dirt and rock into place, and built the section back better than it was before. 

I know, it’s just digging ditch… but whatever we do, we should take pride in our work, and see beauty in the world around us.  I see one beautiful ditch!



  1. Good to hear from you again and glad you are all back safe and sound. Ron and Cody are off to a dog show this weekend and Willie and I are hanging out at home. Well, except for a continuing ed class I have to take tomorrow which is why I didn’t go to the show in the first place.

    Have a fantastic, hopefully restful weekend.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done! Must feel really good to have accomplished so much, especially in the “wilderness” way!

  3. Amazing the amount of tonage y’all and the horses move. Good Hard Hard Work!

  4. What a lovely sentiment and one I echo wholeheartedly – to take pride in what you do, no matter what it is! I met a parking garage attendant once when visiting a friend in Brulington, VT. He not only accepted his role but reveled in it. He was driven to excel at what he did, as well as make everyone’s life a little brighter in those few moments of interaction. I never thought I would be inspired by a ticket taker; I bet you never thought to inspire as a ditch digger… but there it is!

  5. Maggie, That’s a great reminder about the ticket taker, and you are so right! We can make any job we do a good, positive, sharing and caring experience… Any job! Or it can just be plain hard work. From ditch digging to ticket taking, and certainly so much more. It’s a matter of how we choose to look at it. No matter what we do, to do it with pride and respect.

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