Posted by: highmountainmuse | July 25, 2009

On a frosty summer morning along the Divide

An early morning frost up on the Divide

An early morning frost up on the Divide

Somewhere between the fragility of the flowers and the endurance of the mountain, we stand.  Our short and simple lives but a brief and passing moment in picture that lays before me on this crisp and frosty morning, here in the middle of summer. Silent and cold and still as the sunlight inches down the mountain, across the open silver tipped field.

The ground is grey and crunchy beneath my feet.  Lead ropes for the horses picket lines are frozen, stiff, cold on my fingers as I fumble to latch them onto the halters of the horses, the horses who look upon the frosty grass with an eager need, cold and shivering as they are, in want of breakfast yet finding little satisfaction in the frigid pasture.

The sun will soon reach this part of the mountain, freeing each blade of grass from the icy coating, spreading its warming golden glow upon the horses as they will stand like sundials, suddenly silent and still and relaxed, breathing, soaking up the cherished warmth.

The intensity of the mountains reminds us of her indifference to us, her stability despite us, her vast and mighty power over us. We are but passing observers, taking from her as we wish, claiming to own her or be of her.

She was here long before us. And long after us will she remain.

In appreciation of the early morning sun

In appreciation of the early morning sun



  1. Gin,

    Thanks much for your photos and words after your return from your Ditch Adventures this past week. They are greatly appreciated.

    One photo especially caught my attention and reminded me of similar human experiences in my past.

    The bird warming on a rock in the sun, in the morning is just so great. Many mornings while camping in your mountains, my friends and I would hustle out of our tents (cold), and make some coffee (very hot), and go stand in an open area, to wait for the sun coming down the side of the canyon. The warmth we received once in the sun, always got our day started off right.

    Please have a great week. Are you finished with the mighty task of rebuilding that part of the mountain this year, or are there other areas to repair?


  2. Thanks so much, Al!
    As for work at the ditch, we’re done with the biggie project there, thank goodness, but now we still have probably 2-3 more weeks of regular maintenance (slipping the ditch, cleaning and raising the bank at low sections, felling hazardous or obstructing trees). Hopefully get it all done before it starts to get cold up there… because I feel that is coming soon!
    A good week to you as well,

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