Posted by: highmountainmuse | August 1, 2009

Change comes…

Change came!

Change came!

And indeed, inevitable as the start of day, change comes…

This morning, a light frost, silver softly painted across the pasture grass, the deck, the trees we planted about our cabin.

And yesterday, new life. The birth of a new colt!

Memphis gives birth with Bob's help

Memphis gives birth with Bob's help

Birth. A miracle every time. The most remarkable part of which I believe is the instinct of the new mother.  In this case, the beautiful SA Memphis, a part of our family for only a year, half of which time was spent down away from us on Winter Pasture. Here, giving birth for her first time. Trusting us, accepting us, allowing us to help, to be there, to touch, to care for her and her beautiful little baby boy.  And her instict to instantly love her child.  To knicker softly to him from the very first time she sees him, smells him…

The instinct is strong for mother, baby, father, and the entire herd.  How do they all know what to do, where to look, how to do it?  Hard wired in, the ability to stand and nurse for the baby, to stoically watch over the baby all night long for the mother, to remain on guard just over the nursery pasture fence for the rest of the herd:  proud Papa stallion on one side; best friend and sister mare on another side, and fellow broodmares with their babies curiously attentive on the other sides… How safe Memphis must feel, surrounded yet out of harm’s way, protected, cared for, so special, the center of attention for her first time in our family, in this herd.  In a cocoon of concern and affection.  And her little baby sleeping beneath her long legs.  All night they did not move more than a few feet, for mama to reach a bit more hay, for baby to stand and stretch and nurse and lie back down again. 

How quickly life happens.  Change… the inevitable.  The beautiful…

Memphis watching over her new baby

Memphis watching over her new baby

Memphis and her new baby just before his first steps

Memphis and her new baby just before his first steps



  1. It will take the entire day to wipe the smile off my face. We are happy for all the inhabitants of Lost Trail Ranch.

  2. Thank you, Frances! I sat down here to write you to share the good news, and there you are… know you and your family have been waiting to see the new life. Go ahead and keep that smile on.

  3. There is something special about horses . If you get a good one it will be with you at lease half your life .I used to know a old real cowboy he had only two horses his whole life when he was still working .Looks like your new baby has for white stockings .It should grow up to be a beauty
    If it could grow up to be a real cow pony for a good man or women it would be wonderful .But i think most those days are gone . congrats to you and all your family on the mountain .Your are blessed.

  4. WOW! Lookit those legs!!!
    Congrats all.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your animals with us. Chloe (our two year old) couldn’t stop talking about feeding carrots to the horses. It was also such a highlight for me –I loved seeing the baby. I loved meeting the other young horses. There is something really special about seeing nature and animals take care of their young. Your place is beautiful. And Ginny, Bob, and your son Forrest, are such kind-hearted people. Thank you again.


  6. Congrats on your new sweetie! I’m so slow on the uptake these days. Gotta take advantage of these good days while they are here!

  7. I’m still in Georgia, with spotty internet access but had to check in on your blog.

    Such great news here and the photos are so alive. Look at the long legs on that baby!!! Precious…

  8. Another new addition to the Getz family! Congrats! What fun…all of these new babies running around the ranch. I wish we were there!

  9. Shawna, Thanks for writing… Thinking of when you all were here, when little Elf was just born, and Beka had to lie down with him for him to sleep. That one still does not have a proper name… pity for such a lovely thing. This new colt is a beauty as well. I will never tire of the miracle of new life, and the loving beauty of the mamas.

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