Posted by: highmountainmuse | August 26, 2009

Ode to the River

The Rio Grande on a late summer evening

The Rio Grande on a late summer evening

Never will I remain as pure at heart

As the waters which flow from these hills

With each drop a new beginning

A promise of life

An unselfish journey

Without pride nor prejudice


With the melting of the snow

The mountain breathes

Frees herself

Shakes free

A great thawing of the land

As the water collects



Comes together to create a mighty force

Lets loose the waters that gush from her hillsides

In the warm afternoon sun of early spring

Only to be rejuvenated again

As the snow surely will fall

At the passing of the seasons

The passing of time


The winter’s storage feeds the veins

Of the thirsty valley below

Continues the surge

Allows the promise to carry on

Lightening the heavy load

Every day a new beginning

Cleansed by the flow of waters


The tainted earth from the surrounding banks

These waters are coursed to rinse

Collecting the silt of our greed

Our selfishness

Our fears and hatred

From those that walk the surrounding lands

Build and take and steal from the land

And claim our motives otherwise


Sediment settles deep in the still pools

Rank and rancid in the icy depths

Hidden in the dregs

The darkness in the bright waters

I learn to accept the blame

Unable to rise above

And perhaps you just pretend

Or close your eyes and see only the surface

Would I not be better to do the same?


Can we float above the muddy depths

In the clear of the river

The purity of the flow

And free ourselves from our past?

What about the past of others?

Can the waters wash us clean?


And still the river flows innocent and unsullied

As I dip myself in the icy waters

And seek the relief and release from my failings

Will I defile the waters

Or will the waters purify me?



Off to Ditch Camp!

We’ll be home at the end of the weekend. May it be a good week for you all, and hopefully, no more snow up there for us…

In the meanwhile, if you have time, please check out the horse blog (click HERE to view) where we posted a new Floyd Story this week (finally… sorry!).




  1. Loved the new Floyd Story! I especially liked reading about Skeeter and also the big stud horse teaching the new working horses! Tell Floyd I’m looking forward to hearing about those women folk taking care of everyone.

  2. I wish I was there. Thanks for all the great pics! I can’t wait to see the fall and winter pics.

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