Posted by: highmountainmuse | September 3, 2009

The latest addition

A face only a mother could love?

A face only a mother could love?

The newest addition to our menagerie.

After a year and half of sitting on empty eggs, the proud parents, our couple of lovely white doves residing here in the kitchen, finally produced another baby.  Odd how unnatural it is to have offspring born as summer is coming to a close, and the rest of the mountains is starting to put on their winter coats… or think about leaving. 

Well, odd as it may be, it is cute…   I tire not of the beauty and wonder of new beings.  Softening the hard lines of living.  Reminding us of the pure simplicity in the miracle of life.

Survival, existence, a purpose to life… we put so much more on top of this mountain of ideas, when really, I suppose, it is so simple.  The drama of life taking place in the corner of my kitchen.



  1. Ah…such rich soulful expression Gin. And you’re right in the one and then in the other. It is both/and. It is both simple and complex. It is the softening of the hard lines and the simple drama of life in a corner of precious stews. I love your images…the ones you write and the ones you photograph. A beautiful soul…keep on…

  2. That is…. cute? 🙂
    There was a baby flamingo on the news the other day and it was cute in the same way. Baby birds always look awkwardly adorable.

  3. I’m really known for my deep and insightful comments, by the way…. 😉

  4. Congratualtions on your new little… pink guy. lol. At least birds deveolp swiftly and he’ll be conventionally “cute” in a few days!

    We’re having lambs in a few weeks and I agree with you on the oddity of late summer/fall babies. (We got new sheep and they came bred, fall lambs are not part of my breeding schedule!) I think that the fall babies will be that much closer to our hearts because they’ll need greater attention and have to experience winter so soon in thier little lives…

    I bet your doves are wicked proud parents after so long on empty eggs!

  5. Maggie – Fall lambs will be an interesting challenge, but what a treat in a season that normally sees the finish of life and growth… I can’t wait to see pix on your site…

  6. Karin,
    Humor, my friend, is always welcome!

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