Posted by: highmountainmuse | September 15, 2009

On a mission

The lonely view from hunting camp

The lonely view from hunting camp

There is often comfort in the rain, in heavy clouds wrapped like arms about the waist of the mountain, soft and protective, cradling the valley in its syrupy shroud. I lie in bed and listen to the drumming on the metal roof; the white noise sends me drifting back to sleep, a sleep as sweet and thick as the clouds pouring over the hills.

Awake, I worry.  I worry about the water running brown and silting the ditches.  I worry about the colts chilling in their shedding foal coats.  I worry about leaking roofs and windows left open and laundry on the line. I worry about Forrest, still up working at hunting camp…

Yesterday I was on a mission.  A mission for hug!  Five hours up the mountain trails, alone in the saddle, passing but a couple hunters and two neighbors fishing and hiking. I arrived at the camp where Forrest is working, and there was no one.  Not even a horse…

Would you ride five hours through the mountains for a hug from your kid?  I would too.  Tell you what though, when you arrive at your destination, and no one is there to hug you… that, my friend, is too bad…

Still, riding along the trails soft and slick from the fresh rains, under the heavy shifting leaden sky flashing with distant lightening, peeking through the breaks in clouds at fresh snow on the distant peaks so delicately lacing the rocky slopes, listening to the thunder on one side of the valley and the bugling of the bull elk on the other, so close my horse stops and looks, and shows me where to glance through the brush to catch a glimpse of the magnificent beast proudly strutting along the steep slope, calling out to anyone interested.  Lucky for him, no hunters were there to hear.  Funny that it is the same call for survival that can so easily call him to his death.

But alas, I am still awaiting my hug. 

Riding away from hunting camp... without a hug.

Riding away from hunting camp... without a hug.



  1. Here is a long distance hug everyone needs one now and then.May it make your day a little better

  2. yes it did.
    thank you, Don.

  3. Ahhh, I am sad for you. I know how special hugs from our kids are… hoping you will get that hug soon!

  4. Hi Valerie! Was thinking of you the other day as my mom was helping me clean cabins, chatting away as we worked, and how “fun” it really can be… Thanks again for your help… and especially for the loan of your most special daughter… this summer.

    And yes, Forrest came home and gave me a good dose of hugs yesterday afternoon. And then turned around and rode back up to hunting camp! Guess his work there is not yet done, and sounds like that work is fun, too.

  5. Here’s one Gin! {{{{{{ ❤ }}}}}}}}}

  6. huuuuuuuuugs….

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