Posted by: highmountainmuse | September 21, 2009

The best seat in the house

the best seat in the house

the best seat in the house

That is my chair, the one on the left.  My chair at my table in my house.  How selfish that may sound.  I don’t mean to be.  I only mean to share with you my favorite place on the ranch.  In that case, it is simple, even humble, I hope. It is a good place.  I can think of none better.

The ranch from the eyes of a fourth grader.  It is compared to a trip to Disney Land.  “So, what is your favorite thing to do on the ranch?” she asks me.  I tell her I love it all; there is no one favorite, but the combination of all that makes it work for me.  She tells me her favorite is riding horses, baking, walking around petting the other horses.  That is good.

“So, where is your favorite place on the ranch?” she then asks.  I find this question remarkably deep, and I have to think about it.  It does not take long.  I tell her it is right where I am sitting as we speak.  My chair at our kitchen table.  Because from here, I explain, I am next to my boys, with my dog by my side, and perhaps a cat on a lap, usually with a simple meal I have prepared before us, always extra and a chair close by for one more to join us.  Here I am surrounded by walls we have built with love and hopes and dreams.  Outside the big windows, I see the fruits of our labor with buildings, fencings, pastures, gardens, chicken coop, cows, and my many horses all around… And beyond that still, I see our mountains, always looming over us wild, durable and intense, like the higher power I suppose them to be.  Indifferent to my presence perhaps, yet untainted and mighty in their existence alone, silently teaching me the most important lessons merely by being there.

I have never been to Disney Land, but I imagine.  Sights, sounds, stimulations, rides… fun, fun, fun!  I need not ever go there.  I have our ranch, our animals, my boys, these mountains.  I may be simple, but there is little else I long for.



  1. “Sights, sounds, stimulations, rides… fun, fun, fun!”

    I like this description of Disneyland but when I got to thinking about it I had to laugh as I realized all these things are on the ranch, too! Only they are all natural, a lot more subtle and far better than what you will find at Disneyland.

    Sights: horses, birds, spectacular mountains, amazingly beautiful trees
    Sounds: Elk bugling, wind, river, birds, rain on the tin roof, coyote yodeling
    Stimulations: Watching the storm come across the reservoir, crackling wood fire, listening to the wind cross the mountain
    Rides: Hikes galore and horseback rides into the rugged terrain

    And all this is only a small glimpse…

  2. Karen,
    Like for Alex (who wrote in early this weekend), myself, and I believe for you, it’s not just the Disneyland adventure here – what can we do next, see next, happen next… It is a home (perhaps away from home), a life, and way of being. As you described, our stimulations and entertainments are simple, pure, easy, often private and quiet. And yet the impressions they burn in us are deep and real and help us through even when we find ourselves in the more Disneyland days!

  3. Everyone trys to tell what they think heaven is like .Your discription of your home and country around you is as good a discription as to how i think it should be.

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