Posted by: highmountainmuse | September 24, 2009

Blown in the wind

Along the road home.

Along the road home.

Nature is our teacher, not always kind and patience. She reminds us how fragile we are. Although the mountain will remain, that which walks upon her is impermanent. She allows us to come, to go, and does no more the release a sigh, the breath of life, the wind of death. The importance we put upon ourselves, our lives, those around us and all that we want to be here; to this, she remains indifferent.

Green leaves blown from branches before turning gold. Rotting of the unripe fruit.

Such untimely deaths. Untimely according to our schedule and plans and programs. To her, perhaps, it is all the same.

She will bloom again next year.

Rolling hills and autumn leaves.

Rolling hills and autumn leaves.



  1. Gin,

    Your thoughts over the past week have been right on point. Thanks so much for sharing your point of view on living life, both big and small, and the meanings it can have for us. Before I retired from the work a day world, I didn’t really appreciate just how much our individual life experiences mean. Now I have some time to reflect, and when arround the grandkids, realize that we all have something good to pass on.


  2. I agree with AL but still have to get to where my grandkids and great grandkids are . I will very soon.If i can keep them from making the same mistakes i have in life i will consider the last part of my life well spent . Injoy your family AL they are what life is about

  3. Sounds like you got a good journey ahead, Don, and for a great cause! We’ll look forward to hearing about your adventures across country. It can be a long and lonely road, but there’s lots of folks here behind you, and your family ahead of you, awaiting your arrival.

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