Posted by: highmountainmuse | October 6, 2009

Thoughts from a stormy Monday

It is only a passing storm.

It is only a passing storm.

The storm left late last night, leaving behind a layer of early winter about the mountain, with frosty and frozen ground, naked trees, and stark white ground in the high country. Now the big moon is illuminating the peaks of the mountains like big bald heads.  The sun will shine shortly.  Much of the snow will be gone by noon.  Perhaps by this afternoon I will be riding on a mostly dry trail again.

Yet yesterday, in the throws of the storm, I was not able to see beyond the hillside just across river.  My world shrunk, became tucked in, shallow, narrow, enclosed by the storm and its heavy clouds and white air. A heavy veil like a heavy burden draped over me as the clouds encircled the hills. 

When you’re in the middle of storm like that, frozen and blinded, at times you can not look beyond.  You forget how far you can see. Not only beyond the tightened horizon, but beyond today, beyond the passing of these clouds, to a clearer and warmer tomorrow. The clouds consume your hope and vision.

Trapped.  That is how you feel.  Trapped by weather you consider may forever remain, cold and wet and stormy.


In no more than a few hours from now, the sun will be over the mountain and warming our ground, our home, our hearts.  Things change.  Get over it, my friend reminds me. This too will pass, she says.  And of course, she is right.

In the meantime, I put another log on the fire, and create a little bit more warmth in my own simple world as I wait for the inevitable sunrise.



  1. It still amazes me how the weather changes so rapidly there. I’m glad I got to see the beautiful Fall colors a short couple weeks ago. Funny to even believe it now as we are still in the midst of summer in Texas…another cool front is coming though and we’ll be in long sleeves soon!

    On another note, do you have a solar power book you would recommend? Just something really simple for the beginner wanting to learn a little more? I keep thinking it would be nice to have a solar backup for our travel trailer but maybe a generator would work just as well for that. I wanted to look at your “power plant” when I was there and totally forgot.

  2. Karen,
    Next time we’ll have to give you a tour of the “power plant.” It is remarkably simple, and the best advice I can give, is that you can do it, and for cheaper than most packages advertise. Keep it simple! Reduce your needs, and therefore you’ll reduce the size of the system you’ll need for your RV. I don’t have a good book or anything I can recommend yet. There is of course tons of info on the internet, though I can not yet specifically give you a good pointer on where to read up. Most articles I’ve seen are either radically green or super elaborate and expensive – both sides are too extreme for me. We just want simple, reliable, cheap and easy. We will be getting a small solar electrical system set up next year for the Little Cabin, so that might help when we share that hands on experience.

  3. Sittng by the fire with a stoem just going away sounds good to me right now . All my plans to travel and visit are gone it looks like .I guess things happen .Next year you may see my and a little white dog .Im not much on horse riding but a small very quiet trail bike would be ok . If not let me know . I have traveled 1000s of miles along the Oregon Trail on one and you could not tell i had been there . For your electrity .I once built a paddle wheel plant along a small stream for some people . We made it easy to move for water rising and falling . We used two car alt and batterys . The only thing you had to move was the alt and paddle wheel which was very lite .I used used alt so i had about 150 dollars in it including the converter .it powered a frig lights and even a tv . if i remember i would like to check out your unit .

  4. Don, and now we are left wondering: what happened? Where are you? Are you still hitting the road for California? Most important, we want to make sure you are OK. Lots of us care…

    On a separate note – your knowledge of hte paddle wheel sounds very cool, and that would be fun to try out!

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