Posted by: highmountainmuse | October 11, 2009

Angry Baby Salmon Cakes

Angry Baby Salmon Cakes.  Served with a simple salad a chunk of fresh bread, you'll be wanting for nothing with this simple dinner.

Angry Baby Salmon Cakes. Served with a simple salad and a chunk of fresh bread, you'll be wanting for nothing with this easy dinner.

You’re wondering about the name, I bet.  I was too.  Here’s the story. Although he didn’t come up with the recipe, Forrest did coin the name. He made these salmon cakes for dinner back a while ago, the one night a month he cooks for us on his turn for “Family Night,” and used some really strong onions, you know, the killer kind that makes your eyes tear from the other side of the room.  And he made them small, cute little “cakes” the size of hushpuppies.  And so the name… Angry, for the onions.  Baby, for the size.

Well, we haven’t had a killer onion around in a while, which is OK with me, and I tend to make these full size like a burger.  But the name, it stuck. Kind of catchy, I suppose. So here goes the recipe with the funny name.

I hope you try and enjoy.


Angry Baby Salmon Cakes

In a large bowl, combine:

            ½ package saltine crackers, crushed with your hands into crumbs

            ¼ cup bisquick or pancake mix

            2 6-oz cans salmon, drained, skin and bones removed

            1/3 cup mayo

            ¼ cup ranch dressing

            ½ cup water

            1 cup grated or shredded mozzarella cheese

            2 tablespoons lemon juice

            ½ cup chopped fresh onions, or ¼ cup chives

Stir this all together until well combined.  Cover and let sit for 15 minutes.  The moisture will be absorbed and everything will stick together better.  Then form your cakes by using two soup spoons, or your hands – but that is really a mess – and fry one side at a time in plenty of oil in a big cast iron skillet over medium heat.      

Oh, and as for the accoutrements…

We don’t usually have lemons around.  Luxury items in these parts, but these were remains from a visit from my folks, and tell you what, they were very nice squeezed over the salmon cakes.

And the cocktail sauce is so simple.  We make it quite regularly just by stirring together about ¾ parts ketchup with ¼ part horseradish.



  1. wow…this looks adn sounds so yummmmmmm!

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