Posted by: highmountainmuse | October 21, 2009

Farewell to a fine horse

The finest of horses I have ever known.

The finest of horses I have ever known.

The coyotes and crows now feed on you

But you died long ago

Years before when she took you away

Stole your point and your purpose

Replaced your intention and drive

With incompetent care and neglect

There was nothing you could do

There was nothing I could do

But watch you fall apart


At the end of that first year

I saw a blank stare in your eye

Like a lamb on his last living breathe

Your untrimmed feet cracking

And your coat matted and thick with worms

I knew you had already resigned


Five hundred miles a year we would travel together

I tired long before you every time

You taught me to ride a jog for hours

I taught you to ground tie

Would drop your reins and walk away

And laugh upon my return to see you still there

And always you were there



Had you not been waiting for years for someone to trust you

Someone to hold on and soar with you as you would take wing up the mountain?


She took you away to hurt me

She had nothing else to take

And pitifully grappled for the last holding in our lives


It was not me she hurt but you

Your life stolen and replaced as an offering before the alter

An idle god beneath the plastic throne on which she sat and stared at you

Watching you fatten and founder before her blind gaze


You were stripped of what mattered most

As I watched your once magnificence

Fail and falter under uncaring eyes

As mine gazed upon you with fantastic memories

From across the fence

Farewell, my friend...

Farewell, my friend...



  1. I’m so sorry for this incredible pain you are feeling and have been feeling for some time. I can only imagine what happened by reading between the lines but I hope there is a certain amount of comfort that this sweet animal God created is no longer suffering.

    Animals are so innocent and so many times are the ones who pay the price for human ignorance and pride.

    Please know that all these hundreds of miles away I am feeling your grief, though I know not as much as you feel it. I am praying God will surround you with peace and comfort but at the same time allow you to grieve. Hope you can feel this virtual hug I am sending, too.

  2. An extrordinary friendship expressed so beautifully…

  3. I’m so sorry… some people absolutely do not deserve the gifts that they fail to see they have.

  4. I dont know who ended up with your friend but i hope they get a pay back worthy of the sadness the caused .you have my symathy and prayers . loosing any animal is like loosing a family member
    I hope who ever did this reads this and suffers in there mind the harm the have done to animal and human

  5. ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Gin,

    I can’t even imagine the pain you are feeling right now, having lost a true companion some years ago, and to now know the final ending. You have all my sympathy and prayers. I think Don expressed my thoughts for me.

    Your words are a beautiful tribute to your fine horse. So sorry.


  7. I’m so sorry Gin…my heart is sickened every time I read this. It sure makes me wonder where this horse was and I think not very far from ya’ll at all.

    Arley and I are praying for you. Just really can’t find the right words……

  8. gin,your poetry brought tears to my eyes, I never saw him out in the pasture but what I thought of what you were writing about.

  9. I know this pain. May God heal you of your pain and fill your heart with peace. God bless you!

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