Posted by: highmountainmuse | October 25, 2009

No bovine left behind

Looks a little lonely out there for this bull.

Looks a little lonely out there for this bull.

Lost:  One big, bad red bull.

No bull! (You knew I couldn’t resist that one.) 

Remember my story of losing the bull?  Well, I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad after all.  Seems to be a regular thing.  Even the big outfits do it.  At least, somebody else did.  And it wasn’t me this time.

This fellow’s been out and about, wandering alone for weeks, in plain sight, not quite as tricky as that one I lost in the woods.  Hanging close to the side of road, perhaps hoping to hitch a ride.

Guess he missed the last chance, but he’s no fool, this big boy. Found him a good home complete with shelter, water, tall grass… though he’ll be wanting for a way home soon enough.  Winter is on its way, as a snow again this morning portends…



  1. I don’t know how they do it in Colo. But, if he has a brand. You could contact the brand division. In the state. Might find the owner that way. Had to see what he will look like next spring. If he makes it.

  2. Thanks, Richard. Bob headed off the mountain yesterday and called the owner, so hopefully he’ll be recued before our road is closed for the season. Otherwise, you know I’d end up taking him in and feeding him, though I think his purpose was meant to be the opposite.

  3. Heck, you would have fed him better than his owner I spect.

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