Posted by: highmountainmuse | November 2, 2009

Rose garden

roses outside of cabin #5

a shock of red rose leaves outside a guest cabin

A flash of red. Not what you expect to see outside as the last of autumn fades a monotone brown into the frozen ground, deeper and deeper, in a quiet anticipation of the long winter to come.

roses in the snow

roses in the snow along side a creek just begining its flow in the afternoon thaw

This red is not a blossom, but the color of the leaves turning; the last song of the wild rose, shocking the mountain with her fiery bursts.  Sudden, unexpected, and brilliant. A spark in the snow. 

the rose in the kitchen

the rose in the kitchen

Indoors I plant a domestic rose.  Awakening, she is called, and I chose her for the name.  An old heirloom rose from Czechoslovakia, via Oregon, now here in the mountains with no chance of making it a winter outdoors.  So inside we try.  Within the comforts of the kitchen window, we will tend to her, water her, provide sunlight and soil and even temperatures and hopeful gazes.  Nurture her tenderly and see if she will grow, see if she will grant us with fragrant blossoms, pink and fancy, delicate, so distant from her home, so different from the surrounding lands, forced here on this mountain by me, my desire for what I long for.


  1. Gin,

    Okay, you knew I would love this post! And I do.

    The red leaves of the wild native roses are just fantastic! What a brilliance compared to the white snow. If there are any rose hips, I’ll bet they look wonderful as well. Do they bloom white or pink in the summer?

    Your Awakening Rose should be a nice treat during the winter in your cabin. It is also a “Sport” of the Climbing New Dawn (an Earth Kind rose), so it should have the same natural disease and insect resistance as the parent rose. Great choice.

    Thanks for your photos here, and over the past week. Love them all. And know that we are all cheering for you guys!


  2. Al, Wished I had my camera on me the other day as the leaves and rose hips were shining with icicles, four inches long, hanging from them, formed by melting snow from the drip off the roof line. (They bloom pink in the summer.)

  3. Your outside rose is as hardy as you .It with stands cold winters and hard times .I hope your inside rose lives .It should .Roses are wounderful . On a lot of wood things i make i have a small rose cut out of very thin wood as my signature .Good luck with your roses and enjoy them .When i see roses i think of my Rosemary and all the good times we had groing them .

  4. Your wife – Rosemary? I never knew her name.

  5. Gin, I always heard the last rose of summer is the most beautiful. I also await the renewing of the next spring. There is also a renewing of life, so now your are experiencing some winter in you life, nothing lasts forever good or bad. But the spring will come. Look to the Lord and He will help you in this dark time of your life. Be looking up for the renewing and beautiful things to come.I love the wild roses they are my favorite. They can be wild and free , but be delicate and beautiful

  6. Janice,
    Beautiful words, wise and true – thank you for sharing!

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