Posted by: highmountainmuse | November 5, 2009

Change of address

Announcing a change of address for this blog!

the rio grande pyramid and the window in autumn

The Rio Grande Pyramid and The Window in Autumn

High Mountain Musing is changing it’s web site address from:  to:

A bit confusing in the short run; but hopefully simpler in the long run.  The change of address is just for the web site.  Me and my boys are still here on the mountain…

The new blog address will be effective immediately.  Same author (me), same stuff – my rambles and the mountain musings – just a different web address.

One of the more complicated changes may be in leaving comments.  All previous comments to date should have transferred over onto the new site, and I’ll ask that any comments in the future be submitted to the new site, as in due time, the old site will become obsolete.

If you subscribe to the posts, comments or have the site saved in your favorites, please be sure to make the changes. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty connecting to the new site, or find any problems with navigation on the new site by leaving a comment on the new site, or e-mailing me directly at   I imagine there will be some things we find that need to be tweaked – and thanks to Ron (J) we can fix them…

I’m not very computer savvy, but I’ll do my best to help in any way I can.

I’m taking the weekend off (going to the BIG CITY) and won’t be posting until Monday, so I’ll look forward to hearing from you then – at the new site!



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