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Our related sites that may be of interest to you:

Our home and guest ranch, can be viewed at the Lost Trail Ranch web site.

Forrest’s blog on riding in the high mountains (which for Forrest in the winter and half of our year means:  snowmobing) is called Highcountry Hillbillies (I love the name).

My second blog, High Mountain Horse Blog, is all about our horses, riding, outfitting, horse training and our work and experiences horseback in the high mountains.


Some other sites I enjoy visiting over a cup of coffee:

J. Ruth Kelly’s Blog, Weaving Worlds of Words Awakening . . .   Thoughtful, wonderful writing.

Beautiful writing, a beautiful world, about more than the horse, but what could be more beautiful?  White Horse Pilgrim

Diane’s Peaceful Acres, One woman touching the earth and touching lives.  An inspiration.

Fellow horse person, and far more talent in sewing and crafts than I will ever know: Katmom4 (and check out her blog on her trailer, too)

Maggie Mae Farm, Sustainable, Eco Friendly Farming.  Feeling the land, for the land.

Juli Thorson’s Horse Talk.  My favorite name in the horse industry.

Wendy’s Horse Adventures.  All the way in Vermont, but feels like as close as my kitchen table.

Girl on a Mountain with a Chicken.  One very brave chick with a chicken.

Elaine’s three (yes, three) blogs on family, poetry, and life: Cookie Crumbs and Onion Skins  ; What’s in My Pen ; and Life, Lived Practially

Sandy’s American Way Farm. Living the good life on the land in New Hampshire.

Jane’s The Literary Horse.  Horse humor, with a deep and thoughtful side.     

Karin’s new site for women who can really make a change (with a hammer):  Do It Yourselfher!

Consider the horse and the human, blossoming together:  Enlightened Horsemanship through Touch

Beka’s site  is Imperfectly Living a Perfect Life.  Look for updates on her life with Grill Chicken!


There are so many awesome, inspiring, entertaining and enjoyable blogs out there.  Please remind me to update my list regularly by sending me a link to yours or another you recommend.  This interaction keeps our blogging community alive and well.  And to all you bloggers – and you readers – please don’t forget the importance, relavance and reward in comments.  Please take a minute and leave a note.  If you’re having trouble posting a comment, or would rather keep your response personal and private, feel free to e-mail me directly at




  1. Hi I have just sent you a comment, but then read your blog, its beautiful. And I want to say I feel the same many times and I have come to realise that for me a need a purpose that is greater than me, to fulfill that empty feeling. I found that recently when i went to Sri Lanka and set up a project, however I lost belief that I can do it. Therefore I have come to know that it is first important to take time to become who you want to be, and then take action towards what you want in your heart, then you can have what you desire. Ask your heart what you truly want and go for it! Take care

  2. Beth, you have a wonderful way of writing, and of looking at the world. I have heard that we can not help others until we help ourselves. Perhaps. But maybe, in helping others, we learn to help ourselves in the process. Don’t lose belief in yourself. Just keep trying. Perhaps closer to home than Sri Lanka (that sounds so far – you are brave), but wherever you find your next challenge. Nothing is a failure. Just a test.

  3. OMG! Thanks so much for putting me in your links! It may seem a simple thing, but I
    m so jazzed to be there! Yay! I’ve been feeling quite alone out there, as I don’t really understand all the “linky stuff” to do. Thank you, thank you!

  4. I look at the Links list as sort of my “to do” list – it’s my way of keeping track of sites I want to return to. I try to spend at least a few minutes each day reading, getting inspired, learning from others. Not a bad few minutes spent…

  5. Your life remids me of all the books I read growing up…my favorite author was Louis L’Amour. He wrote so many books about the west and did a series on a family called the “Sackett’s”.

    I read all his books…you and your family remind me of people he would write about. That is a compliment.

  6. Thank you, I am honored!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! We are fairly new to the mountains, having completed a house in Angel Fire, NM just over a year ago. Granted, it’s not like living in a cabin and learning how to live off-grid, but it has certainly been a learning experience coming from a town outside of Dallas, Tx and adjusting to living in the southern Rockies! Lots of new things to experience and figure out…hopefully, I can share some of that on my blog. I am using YOUR BLOG as inspiration to be a better writer, and to share things that MATTER! Thanks so much!

  8. I seam to not know your e-mail any more what is it know a days.

  9. Sorry Marv – you can write us at, or Looking forward to hearing from you – and seeing you – soon!

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